Winter Fly Fishing: Leave the Cotton at Home

Good tip for the steelhead season.

Winter Fly Fishing: Leave the Cotton at Home

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Joan Wulff Fly Casting Instructional Videos

R.L. Winston Rod Co.  Presents Fly Casting Instructional Videos.

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How to Make a Downstream Dead Drift

How to Make a Downstream Dead Drift

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Tips to selecting good deer/elk hair

Five tips to selecting good deer/elk hair.

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All about bobbin holders from the folks at Global FlyFisher

Bobbin holders – Most people use a bobbin holder when they tie flies. In spite of being a simple tool there are some pretty advanced models out there. This is a look at the ins and outs of bobbin holders.

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Tippet or Leader Rings

Gary Borger on buying tippet or leader rings.

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Fly Tying Classes

Thursday nights all winter long A&G Outfitters will be open late tying flies!

6pm – Tying Steelhead Flies

  • Get ready for the steelhead season by learning a few proven patterns.

November thru March
7pm – Lackawanna River Fly Tyers Club

  • Break out of your cabin fever and get the boxes ready for spring.
  • We’ll be checking out the latest materials and tying up some, new and creative patterns.
  • Bring your own bobbin.

January & February
6pm – Basics of Fly Tying

  • Learn 8 essential patterns over 8 weeks.
  • All materials included.
  • Cost is $50.

Questions? – Contact Adam or Greg at the store at 570-489-1650.

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Pheasant Tail Euro Nymph – November 2014

It’s been awhile since we posted a new fly pattern. Here’s a useful Euro-style nymph. Give it a try.

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Electric power plant coming to the Lackawanna Valley

In Jessup, PA, a new power plant, which takes advantage of the Marcellus Shale natural gas development, is planned. There are concerns about the potential negative impact on the Lackawanna River, The Nature Conservancy’s Eales Preserve on Moosic Mountain, and the residents of Jessup and Moosic Mountain. More about that at a future date, but for now, here’s what is known.

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November 2014 Stream Improvement

On Saturday, November 1, 2014, a few members of the chapter and one non-member participated  in a stream improvement project near the A&G Outfitters shop. This is the same area where we installed boulders a few months back. But, this time we added 6 fish hiding places in the form of half-log structures. We pinned the structures in place by driving 4-foot rebar through the pre-drilled logs into the river bottom.

Many thanks to Charlie Charlesworth, Carl Mozeleski, Mike Kashuba, Greg and Adam Nidoh, Gary Smith, Leo Rouillard, and last, but not least, “Tom the UPS Guy” (sorry, but I don’t know his last name). I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.

Hopefully, these habitat improvement projects and river clean-ups are having an impact on the quality of the fishing. We would like to do a lot more, but lack the man-power. You may notice that it’s usually the same old guys, literally, doing all the work. Wouldn’t you like to help us in future projects?

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