Hell or High Water Fly Fishing Festival | MidCurrent

Celebrate the coming of Spring 2015.

Hell or High Water Fly Fishing Festival.

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5X? 5-Weight? Size 14? WTF?

A newbies guide to the jargon around the sport of fly fishing.

5X? 5-Weight? Size 14? WTF?.

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Warrior Extreme – March 2015

We’ve written about the Rainbow Warrior nymph in a earlier post. The April fly of the month shows some variations of this very effective fly.

Warrior Extreme – Fly Tying Instructions and Videos.

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A&G’s March Newsletter

Our friends at A&G Outfitters have scheduled several events for this spring. Plus, an update of upcoming chapter activities.

A&G’s March Newsletter.

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Little Black Stonefly – February 2015

This is the time of the year for small black stoneflies on the Lackawanna. Here’s a nice dry fly pattern.

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Ginny Midge – January 2015

Time to catch up on publishing articles of interest on this blog. Here’s the first one.

A nice midge pattern for those times of the year when nothing is hatching except for midges – a common occurrence on the Lackawanna.

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Rowley Stone – December 2014

Rowley Stone – Fly Tying Instructional Video

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Orvis redesigns the Sling Pack for 2015

Orvis Sling Pack

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PFBC proposes a policy change to stock in class-A water

We received notification from the state council about a proposed change under what conditions the PFBC will stock trout in Class-A water. They are asking all interested parties to comment on the proposed change. Here’s what the council sent us.

At the 2014 Fall Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) meeting (September 29 & 30, 2014), the Board of Commissioners voted to allow stocking of Class A wild trout streams. The policy change, documented at http://fishandboat.com/rulemakings/255finp.pdf allows the Executive Director, with approval from the Board of Commissioners, to designate Class A streams for stocking.

This is a major change to what was originally proposed to the Commission, which PATU did not oppose, that would have allowed some stocking in Class A sections where:

  • Angler use meets or exceeds the 75th percentile (number of anglers/ mile on Opening Day).
  • The water had been stocked the year preceding the Class A designation.
  • The stream does not contain a wild brook trout population or the trout species to be stocked are not the same species as the primary component of the wild trout population.
  • The stream was not identified as Class A prior to 2013.
  • After review of the above data, stocking could be approved by the Board of Commissioners and the Executive Director.

However, in its final consideration, the Board of Commissioners voted to remove all of the above criteria except the approval by the Commissioners and Executive Director (statement of policy 57.8a). Essentially, this change could allow for any Class A stream across the state to be stocked if approved by Board of Commissioners and the Executive Director.


Class A streams are considered some of the best and most pristine waters in Pennsylvania, and provide a wonderful recreational opportunity for all anglers. We believe that this amended policy leaves the door open for the PFBC to stock Class A streams across the state. Please take a few minutes to provide comment to the PFBC and ask them to please consider including the originally proposed criteria into policy 57.8a, so that our Class A streams can remain the pristine waters they are today. The comment period is open until December 15th. See below for how you can submit comments.

To provide input to statement of policy 57.8a, please submit comments in writing to Executive Director, Fish and Boat Commission, P.O. Box 57000, Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000, by December 15th. Comments may also be submitted electronically by completing the form at http://www.fishandboat.com/regcomments. If an acknowledgment of electronic comments is not received by the sender within 2 working days, the comments should be retransmitted to ensure receipt. Electronic comments submitted in any other manner will not be accepted.

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Orvis year end sale

Just in time for your Christmas list. Now through Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 2014

Holiday Rod Sale

Helios 2 Outfits 20% OFF

Clearwater Outfits 20% OFF

Access Rods 25% OFF

Superfine Touch Rods 25% OFF



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