Tips for using fly tying beads

Fly tying beads

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CDC Little Sulpher Dun – June 2015

The small 16-18 sulphers are starting to emerge on the Delaware system. This month’s fly is a very delicate pattern representing the fly. Try a few and enjoy.

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▶ Fly Tying: Selecting Materials for Dry Fly Bodies

Selecting Materials for Dry Fly Bodies

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2015 Trout Fishing Summary

I haven’t been doing many posts this year, mostly because I haven’t been fishing much. In fact, I’ve been very lax in keeping this blog going. But let’s get back to fishing talk. I’m about 20 days behind in the total number of days fished compared to a “normal” year. I did manage a trip to central PA to fish the Little J. I had mixed results, but did manage a couple of significant trout – a 16-inch brown and an 18-inch rainbow. The sulphers were sporadic and, in general, the trout were not very co-operative considering the number of flies above their heads. I’ve fished the Little J for a few years now and either I’m getting better at catching the bigger ones or there has been a significant increase in the number of big trout. I don’t know what the Little J was like more than 5-years ago, but Kevin tells me that it was full of small trout. The state used to stock the river with fingerlings, so maybe they’ve grown up in the years since he last fished it. I’ll tell you one thing though, the fishing pressure is tremendous. In fact, one evening I was a little late getting to the river and could find no place to fish. I decided to pack it in rather than drive to other places that were likely to be crowded, too.

No fishing pressure issues on the Lacky, where I’ve gotten a few of the big boys, the most recent was last Friday morning when I caught a beautiful, near 20-inch brown on a LaFontaine deep caddis pupa.


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Ten Tips for Catching Wild Trout

Tips for catching wild trout. This is especially useful for the Lackawanna & Delaware river systems.

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Tips for fishing invisible waters

Tips for reading pocket water.

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Selecting scissors for fly tying

What should you look for when choosing fly-tying scissors? Well, that all depends on a number of factors. This article takes an in-depth look at one of the fly tier’s most important tools.

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What You Can Learn from Watching Trout Rises

What You Can Learn from Watching Trout Rises

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Purple Haze – May 2015

This is a popular dry fly pattern for western US waters. It may be just as effective in the eastern US waters. Give it a try and let us know how you do.

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Why Use White Wool Strike Indicators

Why I Use White Wool Strike Indicators.

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