Sage marches on or is that back?

Shortly, Sage will introduce a new fly rod model. It brings back the action some of us “older” fly fishers remember when we used to fish with bamboo or fiberglass. Jerry Siem,  Sage’s Chief Fly Rod Designer, used current age materials & their Konnectic technology to design a slow action rod. The slow action & enhanced sensitivity will give the fly fisher precision & control needed for matching the hatch. Read more about it here.

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One Response to Sage marches on or is that back?

  1. Even though I was sponsored by Sage for many years, I secretly fished with an Orvis mid-flex much softer and slower rod. I don’t like a fast action rod unless we’re talking windy days in the Carribean with an 8,9 or 10 wt. The new powerlux material allows for that slower action but sustained distance in a rod. I wonder if that is the technology they are talking about. I sold all my Sage rods but the Salt water.

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