Ten tips for the beginner fly fisher

John Barr, based in Boulder Colorado, is one of the better known fly fishers. He is the originator of the Copper John Nymph & the author of Barr Flies, Stackpole Books. In the article he offers some tips for the beginner.

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One Response to Ten tips for the beginner fly fisher

  1. Kevin says:

    He suggests the blood knot for beginners. I still struggle to tie a blood knot. I’ve read that the double surgeon’s has better strength and it is SO much easier to tie. I would also suggest the “Davy Knot” over the improved clinch. Again, it’s easier to tie, and in my experience, it fails very infrequently and far less than the improved clinch. (I don’t care what Fly Fisherman Magazine says.) Finally, I would suggest singing “Wichita Lineman” while fishing. It will significantly improve your catch rate.

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